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REJECTED Staff Application


New member
1. How old are you?
i am 16-17 Year's old

2. What is your timezone?

3. What languages do you speak?
i speak English,Greek

4. What hours and days can you be online on the server?
Everday for 4-6 hours

5. Why do you want the Helper rank?
Because I believe that with my help and skills I can help the servers get better

6. Have you had any previous experiences on helping/moderating a server
Yes, I have several years of experience in staff teams because without this experience I would not be able to know everything I mentioned to you before.

7. Why do you believe that we will choose you instead of another applicant?
Because I think I'm very experienced to the point where I know most commands so I can quickly and easily grab a hacker so that the damage it does
(killing players with hacks) is from zero to minimal. I think that's one of them.
more critical points of a server because it's very out there I also know quite well to find hacks through a simple ss without burdening
the person's computer with a program as long as
I can do it in a way that has items inside his computer

8. Have you previously been banned on any server? If so what was the reason?
Yes i have been banned at hypixel because i was lagging and the people of hypixel
they thought I had hacks (it was 3-4 years old later)

9. How sure are you that you are not going to resign? How can we know it?
I Will Not Resign because i want to help players and everthing else

10. Is there anything else you want to add to your application?
That I really like helping the players and especially when they are people who don't know anything


New member
Your application has been seen! You will be reviewed and judged fairly, thank you for the time you took to do the application!

- ColonyMC Staff
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Your application has been rejected due to very little information and to poor grammar. Most of the question were not actually answered to the point where we could truly review them. Some answers didn't actually manage to show us your uniqueness and your desire to join our staff team. Next time you apply, please be more specific and try to explain yourself more deeply to the point where we can understand enough about you and your experience on this role. You can reapply for the Helper rank in 2 weeks.

Thank you,
Colony Staff Team