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IMPORTANT Need help with your application?



This thread exists to help you in your application at ColonyMC ?

Do note that some informations may be added and excluded depending on the opinions of the community!

1.) Make your application more specific
- Be specific with your application, like your background, your old server that you had staff on for example
(I have been staff on ExampleMC for 3 months! with the average playerbase of 8 players)

2.) Be Truthful to your application
- Telling the truth about your background/experiences is a good sign that you are looking for self-improvement and help, but telling false claims is not very helpful.

3.) Grammar and Delivery is key
- We are aware of foreign players that aren't very fluent in english and we respect that, but english is a language of formality because its a universal language meaning everyone uses this language to speak to foreign people, Formality is also observed in the application because we read the applications carefully, and the way you deliver your application to the application truly has a bigger chance of being accepted!

4.) Positivity
- be more positive to your application.

5.) Are you certain enough?
- The ColonyMC Staff team is not receiving any sort of pay meaning that becoming a staff member is fully voluntary meaning that you volunteer to work with us, so we expect not to ignore your classes/families and friends/ duties etc. for the sake of the server, but if you strive for the server's success then you might be the member we are looking for!

I have been staff member at the ColonyMC for a couple of months (as i am writing this thread) and i am still learning to have chemistry with my fellow members and the community we are trying to build but along the run i never seek to let someone behind!
I always get second thoughts when rejecting an application so i have decided to help interested members by writing this thread :)

I really hope that this is helpful and informative thank you!

And if there is something you would like to add i am happy to add it ?

- Kenny
(ColonyMC Moderator)