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REJECTED NacentNerd -Staff Application

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NacentNerd -Staff Application

How old are you?
2. What is your timezone?


3. What languages do you speak?

English ,Greek

4.What hours and days can you be online on the server?

I play every day about 5-7 hours per day but some time i have to go
in my farm so i play less

5. Why do you want the Helper rank?

Beacuse, i like to help the new greek server and
i want those servers to get highier

6. Have you had any previous experiences on helping/moderating a server?

Yes, i have be on staff teams meny times in the past (Servers BloodyVamparire Kitpvp and the BloodyVampire Factions plus ather servers i dont remember)
i have be in the admin role modarator role and the helper role

7. Why do you believe that we will choose you instead of another applicant?

Because, i know the most of the commands in game so you dont have to teach me the commands
plus i can cach the hackers and with my way the frozzen guy dont have to doawload
any program becaus the way i use have it all ready in the pc

8. Have you previously been banned on any server? If so what was the reason?

Yes, i have been banned in meny servers in the most servers i have been banned for abusing glitchies
and the ather is for hacking (i dont like to use hacks but in those ways i use hacks just for fun)

9. How sure are you that you are not going to resign? How can we know it?

i'm dont gona resing because i say i want the server to get highier and highier
the only way i resing is obly if somthing very bad happen to me like my pc blow up or
if something go bad with me life

10. Is there anything else you want to add to your application?

i hope i get accepted because i see this server very well made and like all those futures​


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Your application has been seen! You will be reviewed and judge fairly, thank you for the time you took to do the application! - ColonyMC Staff



Your application was denied by the staff team

You seem to lack the requirements and the needs of the server!

If you want more details message me via dm on discord @LowKeyHighKey#0539
Not open for further replies.