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  1. ACrispyCookie

    REJECTED qxno - Builder Application

    Rejected due to inactivity.
  2. ACrispyCookie

    REJECTED Jobakos Staff Application

    Application rejected because no answers were given on the interview.
  3. ACrispyCookie

    REJECTED qxno - Builder Application

    You are supposed to change the <in-game name> to your actual in-game name xD Also please link your account in-game by doing /forumlink
  4. ACrispyCookie

    IMPORTANT Need help with your application?

    Very informative thread. Good job! :D
  5. ACrispyCookie

    REJECTED Staff Application

    ** APPLICATION REJECTED ** Your application has been rejected due to very little information and to poor grammar. Most of the question were not actually answered to the point where we could truly review them. Some answers didn't actually manage to show us your uniqueness and your desire to join...
  6. ACrispyCookie

    REJECTED OpalVibin - Staff Application

    Application rejected due to no replies in 5 days.
  7. ACrispyCookie

    REJECTED OpalVibin - Staff Application

    Not linked with Minecraft.. Please link your account and reply here when you have done it. You can link it by doing /forumlink <In-game name> and clicking the link.
  8. ACrispyCookie

    Hey all!

  9. ACrispyCookie

    IMPORTANT Builder Application Format

    Welcome to our Builder Application Format When applying for the builder rank, you must have any kind of portfolio for us to check, so we can determine your experience and skill on building. To make an application you will need to create a new thread on this forum and answer the questions below...
  10. ACrispyCookie

    IMPORTANT Media Application Format

    Welcome to the Media Application Format Here you can find the format you must use to apply for the Media Rank. If you want to receive the rank on our Discord server you must have either your Minecraft Account linked to your discord profile. Finally, to open an application you will need to create...
  11. ACrispyCookie

    IMPORTANT Ban Appeal Format

    Welcome to the Ban Appeal Format Here you can find the format you must use to fill a ban appeal. You should open a thread here, only if YOUR account has been banned from the network. Ban appeals that are for players who are not banned will get deleted and the forum account will receive a warn...
  12. ACrispyCookie

    IMPORTANT Staff Application Format

    Welcome to our Staff Application Format! When applying for staff, please include as many detail as possible and try to describe yourself as accurately as possible. To make an application you need to create a new thread on this forum and answer the questions below. Also, make sure that you meet...
  13. ACrispyCookie

    IMPORTANT Welcome to ColonyMC!

    Welcome everyone to our website! Take a look around, check the forums, the store and make sure to read the rules! You can also join our discord here. In order to create threads you will need to create an account which you can do by clicking on the register button or by doing "/register" in-game...